Menorca’s declaration in 1993 as a Biosphere Reserve is a clear indication of the island’s special qualities regarding its natural values, the products of the land and its human capital, all of which foster a tight bond with the territory that result in olive oil that garners the island’s most esteemed values.

The most commonly harvested varieties today include: Arbequina, Koroneiki, Picual and Empeltre, all fully integrated into the territory and well adapted to the island’s climate.Some producers add oli d’olivó, from the wild olive trees on the island.

The distinguishing traits of Menorcan Olive Oil include its fruity aromas, and how the olives are harvested unripe. Also noteworthy is the fact that most of the Association’s members have opted for ecological production. Extraction of Menorcan Olive Oil is carried out through low-temperature physical processes that ensure the conservation of all the olive’s organoleptic properties.

Furthermore, also highly relevant is the reduced size of the associated farms, allowing our olive growers to retain better control over olive quality throughout the entire production process, and most especially during harvesting. All these factors involved in the production cycle have resulted in recognition through noteworthy international awards that have been received over recent years.