El aceite de Menorca se comercializará como IGP a partir del otoño.

Menorca olive oil will be marketed as an IGP starting from autumn.

The Counselor of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Natural Environment, Joan Simonet, recently visited Menorca and signed the resolution granting temporary national protection to the protected geographical indication (PGI) “Oli de Menorca / Aceite de Menorca”. This resolution protects the geographical indication until it is definitively registered by the European Commission. Thus, Menorca oil from the 2024 campaign that meets the requirements of the PGI can be marketed under the name “Oli de Menorca / Aceite de Menorca”. Only producers registered in the census created for this purpose and complying with quality standards will be able to use the name Menorca for their oils.

Joan Simonet, accompanied by the insular counselor of Economy and General Services, Maria Antònia Taltavull, and the president of the “Oli de Menorca” Association, Josep Maria Quintana, detailed the characteristics of this new quality brand. The Director General of Agri-food Quality and Local Product, Joan Llabrés, also participated.

Initiation and Process of the PGI

The “Oli de Menorca” Association initiated the process of requesting this PGI in May 2023. Once the national procedures were completed, the documentation was sent to the European Commission, which opened the file without objections. This allowed temporary national protection to be granted to this product.

Olive Oil Production in Menorca

In 2023, Menorca had 22 olive oil producers, covering more than 100 hectares and comprising approximately 45 olive groves and five oil mills.

Statement by Counselor Joan Simonet

Counselor Simonet explained that this IGP is the third quality designation for oil from the Balearic Islands, after the DOP “Oli de Mallorca” and the IGP “Oli d’Eivissa”. He emphasized that the IGP “Oli de Menorca / Aceite de Menorca” will only include oils from organic or conversion crops. “It’s one more step in defending quality products and commitment to sustainability and the environment, as the production area is a Biosphere Reserve,” he concluded.

Characteristics of Menorca Oil

The “Oli de Menorca / Aceite de Menorca” oil is an organic extra virgin olive oil, or in conversion, obtained solely by mechanical methods from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea, L.). It is described as a green fruity oil, of medium to high intensity, with spicy sensations and bitter flavors in the mouth, ranging from light to medium. These characteristics allow it to be classified as a balanced oil.

Packaging and Labeling

Containers must protect the oil from light and may have a maximum capacity of 5 liters. The labeling must include the mention “Oli de Menorca” and/or “Aceite de Menorca”, followed by the IGP initials. It must also include a sequential alphanumeric code to facilitate product traceability control.